Student Registration Dates and Attendance Policy

All Shore Symphonic Band Dates and Attendance Policy

Please Read Carefully

Before you decide to audition you must make sure  you are able to attend all rehearsals and performances. Please review the calendar and dates on this page to see rehearsal and concert dates.

Medically documented illness and performance in YOUR school’s Symphonic Band are the only acceptable absences. Any other absence will result in dismissal from the group.

Attendance Policy


  • If I fail to attend either the first rehearsal or the dress rehearsal I will be dismissed
  • I understand that Medical Documentation of an absence is required (doctor/school nurse note) at the following reheasal or I will be dismissed
  • If an absence is required due to a performance in my high school’s symphonic band, I understand that Documentation of the performance (sponsoring Band Director letter or Director communication with All Shore Exec Board prior to first rehearsal) is required or I will be dismissed
  • I understand that perfect attendance is required to be considered for solos
  • If I am dismissed from the band or fail to meet my obligations as an All Shore member, I will be ineligible to audition for next year’s ensembles (Symphonic and Jazz)

Tardy Policy

  • Tardy is arriving 20 minutes within the start of rehearsal; After 20 minutes the student will be considered absent; The absence policy will apply
  • Upon two tardies, it will count as an absence and a student MAY be dismissed
  • Upon the third tardy the student WILL be dismissed


By clicking continue you agree…

  • I have reviewed the calendar of events, read through the attendance policy, and accept the terms if I am accepted into an ensemble.